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Computer Diagnostics

All modern vehicles are equipped with an onboard computer diagnostic system (OBDII) that constantly monitors your vehicle's major operating systems and most importantly the power-train (engine and transmission). The main purpose of monitoring these systems is to insure that the vehicle is operating at top efficiency with the lowest possible emissions. As fuel economy and emission control has become increasingly important and complex, your vehicle's electronics systems need to constantly adjust and fine-tune various parameters according to driving conditions (such as vehicle load, temperature, and air/fuel mix to name just a few). When the computer reads that any of these parameters do not fall within the acceptable range for operating the vehicle, your CHECK ENGINE LIGH is lit to warn you that you may have a serious problem and to take your vehicle to a certified technician - such as your local Auto Express technician - to check the faults and restore it to manufacturer's specifications.

Here at Auto Express in Tyler, We welcome our customers with open arms. We are a family owned business serving you with the utmost respect and honesty. We want our customers to have peace of mind when they come to Auto Express in Tyler for complete auto repair, including transmissions, engine diagnostics, oil changes, preventative maintenance, brakes, starters, alternators, timing belts, batteries, electrical work, etc. Call Auto Express for the best auto servicein Tyler, Texas.

Complete Engine Repair and Maintenance

At Auto Express in Tyler our ASE certified technicians are highly proficient at accomplishing any job.Auto Express in Tyler offers free estimates for preventative maintenance. We look at your vehicle from bumper-to-bumper and inform you of all the maintenance that needs to be done. Our technicians provide regular tune-ups on all foreign and domestic vehicles as well as oil changes—lube, oil, filter services, brakes, starters, alternators, timing belts, water pumps, shocks/struts, fuel and induction service.
Auto Express in Tyler uses Diagnostic Software Tools for Quality Repairs, as well as Factory Schedule Preventative Maintenance. With each oil change, Auto Express in Tyler technicians will check the following: Brakes, fluids, filters, belts, under body structures, muffler systems, & tire rotations.

Aside from the minor work, we also perform transmission repairs as well as engine replacements & diagnostics.
We pride ourselves in the extensive knowledge of A/C and Cooling System repair. Bring your vehicle to the experts at Auto Express Tyler for full-service on your air conditioning system.

ASE Certified Mechanics

For today’s car owner, auto repair is more complicated than ever. Vehicles keep getting more complex, while technology and diagnostic tools constantly change as well. What is ASE? ASE is an independent, non-profit organization, that strives to improve the quality of vehicle repair and service by testing and certifying repair and service professionals. Thanks to ASE certification program, everybody wins: car-owners can easily find ASE-Certified Technicians who have proven themselves to be knowledgeable professionals. As a result, you can count on finding competent, knowledgeable automotive professionals at Auto Express in Tyler.